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The LUV FM Party in the Park is held twice annually; on Easter Monday and on New Year’s Day, and it seeks to bring families out to join other families to fraternize and socialize as well as network to enhance their family lifestyle. They eat, drink and have super fun whiles they strengthen their family bond on a holiday.

• Give listeners and patrons somewhere to go on a holiday as they take stock of the previous year. • Offer families the opportunity to strengthen their family in a fun mood. • Create publicity; generate sales and activation opportunities for businesses.

Non-stop live band performance rocks Luv FM Family Party in the Park


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The Fitness walk is a bi-annual health walk aimed at bringing corporate institutions and individuals together to walk and exercise for good health. It draws thousands of person both young adults from corporate institutions, churches, Para-military groups, tertiary institutions among others to exercise and network.

Objectives The Fitness Walkseeks to achieve among others the following: • Offer an exclusive platform for corporate Kumasi and the general public to exercise in order to keep fit. • Create networking and bonding avenue for people and businesses • Increase Top Of Mind Awareness for regular exercise amongst the corporate class

Kumasi walks for health as hundreds attend Luv FM 2018 Fitness Walk

Photos: Luv FM 2018 Fitness Walk in Kumasi

Thousands attend Luv FM Fitness Walk in Kumasi


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The LUV FM BEAUTY AND BRIDAL FAIR is a 3-day event organized annually to bring prospective couples and the general public up to speed on the dynamics in the beauty and fashion industry. The event covers areas in the Bridal and Fashion industry featuring over 100 of Kumasi’s leading wedding specialists and Service Providers who converge at the Golden Tulip Round Pavilion to interact with the public.

1. To bring prospective couples/the general public ,experts and specialist in the beauty and bridal industry to one place where they interact. 2. Facilitating the golden decision of one tie knot by prospective couples To offer entertainment to the Kumasi city as well as promoting the Luv FM brand.

Exhibition at Luv FM bridal fair record business boost


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The Women and Business Fair is an exclusive all female event aimed at giving women the unique opportunity to learn, exhibit their handiworks, network and have fun. The event draws over 30 women entrepreneurs and businesses together to interact with teeming patrons of businesses and people who desire to patronize and invest. It also targets young women who aspire to own their businesses, where they get the chance to be inspired by outstanding female achievers. Its 3 days of networking opportunities, business interactions and undiluted fun activities.

Luv FM Women and Business Fair opens in Kumasi

Luv FM holds women and business fair in Kumasi


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The LUV FM HIGH SCHOOL DEBATE is an exclusive platform which will trumpet the position and perspective of young people in Senior High Schools on pertinent topics of national interest. It is a contest which brings 16 Senior High Schools in the Ashanti Region together in its first year of inception to lock horns on topical issues mainly social, political, morale and generally issues about the Ghanaian economy. And the vision is to become a national contest in the long term. This event is being organized in full partnership with the Ghana Education Service and is anticipated to garner huge support and participation from Senior High Schools, Alumni bodies, Teacher Associations, politicians, and the general public for its relevance of shaping our national discourse.

OWASS book place at Luv FM High School Debate finals

Luv FM High School Debate: Prempeh College vs Armed Forces; YAGSS vs KUGISS

Luv Fm High School Debate: Audience awed by emerging female dominance

T.I AMASS are champions of Luv FM High School debate


LUV EDUCATIONAL FAIR is a platform designed to bring together all tertiary institutions whether private or public, vocational or technical etc at one location to interact with the myriad of anxious applicants in Ashanti and beyond. These institutions exhibit and expound their bouquet of programs they offer and their requirements whiles direct assistance is offered to all applicants who patronize the event for a successful application. The EDUCATIONAL FAIR also features seminars on career choices and development, entrepreneurship, financial management etc from seasoned educationists and motivational speakers. Other exciting activities it offers include quizzes, debates, arts challenge, and many more.It also incorporates businesses whose products or services are education related such as stationery, computer and accessories, clothing etc at least to offer a one stop shop for all applicants who intend to grab any of these items for school.

Luv FM-Astolinks Education Fair opens for students hoping to study abroad


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The LUV FM KIDDIE FESTIVAL is an annual event organized on 6th March to commemorate our independence by giving kids the opportunity to exhibit their talents, learn and have fun. The events targets mainly schools which are engaged in competitions ranging from drama, choreography to individual talents like singing, dancing and poetry. However individual kids whose schools do not register for the event come with their parents.

OBJECTIVES • To create fun and excitement for kids on the holiday. • Provide kids the opportunity to unlock and discover their talents • Encourage and continue to bond with the community. • Strengthen the LUV FMBrand as the number one in events as we create top of mind awareness as well.

Luv FM Kiddies Festival 2019 is more than fun


The INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT is a biannual sporting event which draws 32 corporate companies together to compete in sports activities with football being the main focus. Other activities in vogue include Table tennis, Playing Cards, TV Games, Snooker and lots more.The tournament features companies from all facet of profession from banking, merchandise, Insurance, Law, manufacturing to Security which promotes diversity and harmony amongst the corporate bodies in Kumasi and as well offer these corporate people whose jobs are characterized by lot of stress and pressure the opportunity to de-stress and exercise.


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The CHURCH OLYMPICS brings all Churches together on one big stage to rob shoulders in loads of sporting activities including soccer, table tennis, sack/lime& spoon, snooker competition and many more.NHYIRA CHURCH OLYMPICS seeks to continuously improve bonding among the people of Ashanti mainly Christians and also offer the platform for individuals to make time off their routine work schedules to exercise and stay fit through games.

Objectives The NHYIRA CHURCH OLYMPICSseek to achieve the following: • Bring/unite Churches together through games • Raise the banner of Christ through games • Offer Christians an exclusive platform to improve their physical being to accommodate their spiritual being.

Salvation Army wins big at Nhyira FM Church Olympics


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Acknowledging the influx of Keep fit Clubs in the Ashanti Region and their ever growing population base in the Region, NHYIRA KEEPFIT games is put together to offer a unique avenue for these groups to have fun through a carnival where there are lots of fun including sports competitions, Jama, entertainment, drinking and eating among others. The event is climaxed with a performance by illustrious artistesto thrill the teeming crowd.

Objectives • Bring the various clubs under one umbrella to compete in various activities. • Provide a unique avenue to socialize and grow the unity among members of these clubs and between clubs. • Provide exclusive fun experience which is rare in the activities of these groups.

Nhyira Fm's Keep Fit Games records huge turn out

Nhyira Fm's Keep Fit Games to shake Kumasi ahead of Christmas


NHYIRA HERBAL FAIR seeks to take indigenous health care closer to the people and offer education on their effective usage. The event brings together all institutions which provide herbal products and services to interact with Kumasi.The fair cut across herbal clinics, herbal shops, homeopathic centers, herbal medicines, herbal food supplements and all companies that deal in natural products. Other activities for this Fair include free health screenings, Health talks/seminars, healthy food exhibitions, special workout and fitness sessions etc.


NHYIRA COMMUNITY GALA is a football tournament between the traditional communities in Kumasi including Bantama, Ashtown, Suame, krofrom, Amakom, Asafo etc. It is a fierce show-down in local football offering great football talents an opportunity to exhibit their talents whiles thrilling the hundreds of patron who throng Asem Park for this experience. It usually contested among 16 communities and the winner is crowned with bragging right as the best in local football in Kumasi.

Nhyira FM’s community gala provides thrilling moments


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This is an award scheme organized by NHYIRA FM in collaboration with Royal Akofena Entertainment to offer an exclusive scheme for recognizing and appreciating excellence and hardwork in the Gospel Industry. It is in to spark ingenuity, confidence and sense of recognition among the ever growing bevy of gospel musicians. It also seeks to inspire and motivate gospel artistes and to also offer sense of recognition to not only these artistes who feel neglected but to all players of the Gospel Industry.

New National Gospel Music Award launched in Kumasi