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The JOY FM Beauty and Bridal fair is the perfect opportunity to get all wedding planning and ideas under one roof. Prospective brides, grooms, their relatives and professionals within the beauty and bridal industry get the opportunity to explore an expansive range of products, services and more over the four day exhibition. (Thursday – Sunday) The event brings together producers and consumers of bridal gowns, various accessories and jewelry, suits, dresses, evening wear, bridesmaid’s wear, groom’s wear, hair and beauty products, hair care specialists, spa services, textiles, entertainment, photography, video production, florists, memorabilia, gifts, car and chuffer services, décor, wedding planners and more.

2018 Joy Beauty and Bridal Fair: Wedding hacks you need to know

Photos: Joy Beauty and Bridal Fair opens in Accra

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JOY FM Party in the Park

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Joy FM Family Party in the Park is an annual event which happened in September, it provides families one common platform to have fun, make merry and bond interactively with other families in a serene atmosphere. The events creates a conducive family environment for families to bond and a platform for companies with family-oriented brands to engage directly with patrons, the event targets Listeners of Joy FM , families and corporate bodies.

Family Party in the Park: A bonding opportunity as Christmas approaches


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JoyFM Keteke Fever creates the perfect ambiance for today's top executives to relax with friends, re-live the 70’s and 80’s – the fashion, the music, the friends and the fun. The same disco ambience reminiscent of BALM TAVERN, CLUB DE-ROY, KETEKE, RED ONION etc, will be created for our patrons pleasure.

Riveting night of golden era music, fun at 2018 Keteke Fever

Joy FM Keteke Fever: A perfect party for perfect audience comes off tonight

2017 Joy FM Keteke Fever: The 45 and above big party awaits you


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90s Jam a Joy Fm event that seek toengage a niche market that can’t get enough of relevant entertainment.There was a time when baggy jeans was in fashion, combat boots, outpouring of angst in rap lyrics……When it was cool to wear designs from cross colours, Karl Kani, Vasco and to be heard and seen associating with groups such as public enemy, naughty by nature, krisskross, etc.. These students are todays opinion leaders, young managers and CEO`s turning the arm of business and government…The Joy Fm 90`s Jam is that outlet that enables them to escape from the work space and reminisce about their good old days of music and fashion The event eyes Young executives aged 35 years to 40 years.Banking clerks, supervisors and managerscorporate employees who fall within that category.Tertiary students who appeal to the genre of music and its fashion influencesExperience seekers who crave for niche events.

Accra all pumped up for Joy FM’s 90s Jam

Videos: Joy FM 90s Jam; a jam in the sky that held Accra spellbound

Video/Photos: Joy FM ushers in 2019 with showstopper 90’s Jam!


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The search for the books or supplies involve exhaustive trips all over town, which can be daunting. Parents and students alike go through the processes of replenishing school suppliers required for pursuing education. The JOY FM BACK TO SCHOOL FAIR organized since the year 2000 brings together these various needs under a singular roof for easy access and shopping. Joy Fm as a solutions provider will once again bring together wholesalers and retailers to meet these key needs during school recess.

Photos: Joy FM Back to School opens at Trade Fair

Day 2 Photos: Thousands troop Joy FM Back to School Fair

Day 3 Photos: Discounts galore at Joy FM Back to School Fair