Making a difference in our communities

We at Multimedia take pride in our communities and embrace opportunities to give back to the community we serve. Our people are dedicated to applying their combined talents, energy, and resourcefulness in ways that contribute to improving the quality of life in our communities.

The Easter Soup Kitchen

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Annually feeds more than 30,000 street and destitute people around Easter and other times in the year.

Photos: Thrilling Joy FM Easter Soup Kitchen rounds to a close with thousands in attendance

2019 Joy FM Easter Soup Kitchen underway

Blood Donation Drives

In collaboration with the nation’s blood banks and various medical institutions, the Group collects over 5000 pints of blood every year. This is the largest contribution by any Organization to the Ghana Blood Transfusion Service.

Joy Needy Child Foundation and Multimedia Educare Trust

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Multimedia Group Ltd, has always been big on to giving back to society, and as part of its commitment to the community started supporting brilliant but needy children with their Senior High Secondary School education in January 2007. The first corps of 10 beneficiaries were sent on its way with an initial seed fund of GHS 20,000.

In 2011, the number of beneficiaries per year was increased to 20, a number that jumped again in 2013 to 50 students. In 2015, the Company registered a charitable foundation, The Multimedia Foundation which took over the administration of the MGL Educare Fund.

By the beginning of the 2017 academic year, over 600 bright, but needy students had benefited from the initiative.

With the introduction of the free SHS policy by the government of Ghana the Foundation recommended to the Board of MGL that it channel the fuds into the sponsorship of, again, bright but needy students in tertiary public institutions of learning. To date, 18 students have benefited from the decision to bring tertiary level students into the ambit of the MGL Educare Foundation’s sponsorship.

Following the implementation of the free SHS policy, there was a huge explosion in the number of applicants for places in the public SHSs, a development which threatened to overwhelm the existing facilities and human resources of the schools.

The Joy Learning Channel, a not-for-profit educational channel on the Multi TV platform that seeks to provide quality tuition and learning resources to Senior High School (SHS) students no matter where they are in the country by eliminating unequal access to quality education across Ghana was the Multimedia Group’s answer to this problem.

Through strategic partnerships and alliances with partners SES, KNET and Wolo Afric Ltd the channel Joy Learning was birthed. The channel was launched on Monday, 30 th December, 2019 with an initial focus on Senior High School educational content both as an extension of the original emphasis of the Educare Fund’s direction and to address the challenge of the extended periods between school terms that double track SHS students have to deal with.

Multimedia Group invites applications for EDUCARE Scholarships

PHOTOS: Multimedia Group offers scholarships to 50 students

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Every year, the Group donates millions of cedis in pro bono airtime to public and charitable causes. The Group collaborates with the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) to organize the presidential debates prior to each election.

In addition, the various Business Units in the Group offer sponsorship in terms of free advertising for social programs organized by Institutions such as the School for the Blind, NGOs focusing on Child Welfare, sanitation, environmental and health issues.

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